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The Signature Annual Awards are now in their eighth successful year and are firmly established as a well respected annual event to celebrate those who are breaking down the barriers for deaf and deafblind people.

This year’s awards focus on the influential educational establishments, teams and individuals that are brightening the futures for so many. We would like to highlight and reward those who enrich education for deaf people and spread understanding through teaching deaf communication and awareness.

Our eight new Award categories are:

  • Leadership in Education Award
  • Emerging Teacher Award
  • Enriching the Student Experience Award
  • The Community Champion Award
  • Educational Support Award
  • Transforming Lives through Education Award
  • Training Initiative Award
  • Signature Lifetime Achievement Award

To honour this year's shortlisted nominees and announce the Winners, we will host Signature Recognises... the educators, at a prestigious awards evening in January 2017.


You can now browse through the eight new award categories for this year's Signature Recognises... the educators.

The awards are open to all educational establishments, teams, individuals and organisations working in the UK.

The deadline for nominations has now passed. Shortlists will be announced in September 2016, and a prestigious awards ceremony will be held to celebrate all shortlisted Nominees and announce the winners in January 2017.

The Award Categories

Leadership in Education Award

This award is to acknowledge the forward thinking individuals that strive to make a positive difference to the learning experience of all students in their establishment. Nominations are open to headteachers, curriculum leaders, teachers, decision makes and owners/CEO’s. The individual must have at least 5 years experience in the sector.

Enriching the Student Experience Award

This award recognises individuals/ teams that have shown outstanding dedication to enhancing the student experience. Nominations are open to those who demonstrate how they embed enrichment in the learning experience and have evidence of its impact on students.

The Community Champion Award

This award is to recognise the impact the nominee has within and beyond the classroom/seminar/lecture theatre. Nominations are open to those who show their commitment to improving the lives of deaf/deafblind people in the community as well as working hard to create exciting learning opportunities for all.

Educational Support Award

This award is for outstanding support from communication professionals including interpreters, notetakers, lipspeakers, translators, speech to text reports, communication support workers, teaching assistants and others who support in the classroom. Nominations are open to individuals/teams that have engaged with students to assist them in aspiring to achieve their academic and/or personal development objectives.

Transforming Lives through Education Award

This award recognises educational establishments that are making a real difference to student’s lives creating an inclusive environment for deaf learner and increasing the communication and understanding of their hearing peers. Nominations are open to educational establishment that are in the UK and are able to evidence their excellence in access for deaf people.

Emerging Teacher Award

This award recognises teachers in their first three years of their career as a British Sign Language teacher or teacher of the deaf. Nominations are open to teachers bringing learning to life by engaging and inspiring all students to reach their full potential.

Training Initiative Award

This award is for an organisation that is dedicated to improving customer service for deaf and/ or deafblind people. Nominees must show schemes and initiatives for staff that focus on deaf awareness and communication. Nominations are open to organisations across all sectors, for example Councils, Police Forces, Retailers and Charities.

Signature Life Time Achievement Award

This award recognises an individual that has show a commitment to the education of deaf and/or deafblind people over the whole of a career. Their participation has made education for others life changing.

Make a nomination

Nominations are now closed. Shortlists will be announced in September 2016, and a prestigious awards ceremony will be held to celebrate all shortlisted Nominees and announce the winners in January 2017.

Our photographer for the evening will be:

2015 Winners

Last year we celebrated Signature Recognises... the Community.

There were 28 amazing nominees and 7 award recipients at the prestigious event in October 2015.

The 2015 Award recipients were:


Writing your award winning entry

23rd Aug 2016, 2:04pm

We’re receiving your entries to the Signature Annual Awards hard and fast, so keep them coming in! But how do you write an entry that tells us everything we want to know, and makes you stand out from the crowd?

Tell us the full story

We understand that some parts of your story might be more impressive than others, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know. Even the smallest sacrifices or subtle changes can have a really significant outcome. Let us know about every fantastic thing you’ve done, not just one or two!

Don’t be modest

If you’re nominating yourself, well done! It can be difficult to not be modest, but now we’re asking you to swallow your pride and tell us how amazing you are! Don’t be shy or belittling of what you’ve achieved, tell us who you’ve helped, how you did it and any feedback you’ve had. If you’re finding it difficult to talk about yourself, ask somebody else to nominate you or help write your entry.


We want to know what you’ve done, but we’re more interested in what your work has achieved. What was the outcome of your dedication, how did this change experiences for the better? Tell us what your purpose is and how you achieved the happy ending.

Your plans for the future

You’ve told us how far you’ve been, but we want to know where you are going too. What are your plans for the future? How will you build on what you’ve already achieved? Take all of this into account to give us a bigger and stronger picture of your comittment to deaf communication. Do yourself justice! We can't wait to read your entries. 

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Tell us how you're Transforming Lives through Education

16th Aug 2016, 10:38am

Are you a teacher in an organisation which is committed to being inclusive? Or are you a student with a booming social life and great relationships with your peers thanks to your teachers and leaders?

Deaf and hearing people deserve equal access to communication and conversation. Breaking down barriers between hearing and deaf students opens up a world of possibilities through the potential to create lasting relationships, build stronger teams and learn from each other. We want to see more learning environments where deaf and hearing students can thrive and communicate better.

Let us know by nominating the extraordinary people who are making this happen for our Transforming Lives through Education Award via our website before Friday 2nd September.

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